I’ve seen a significant improvement in my son’s Harry’s game under Wesley’s guidance and he has received 2 best and fairest in 2 years with his NPL club and a soccer scholarship to Mentone Grammar. It’s been a very rewarding move for him and Harry’s confidence is on a high. Technically Harry has gone to a new level and tactically he’s become more aware of what’s required of him in game situations.

Denis Durand

Wes is a very good coach. He works a lot on fitness and skill. He does some very good exercises that work very well. Overall he is a really good coach.


I have been a member of Wes Robb’s team for 3 years, beginning in under 12’s at Oakleigh Cannons. He is a mentor and is always fair. Wes has assisted greatly in my continuing education of the game of football and has made me mentally strong. Wes has continually helped me inside and outside football. In these three years, through Wes helping me to lose weight, I have found more courage and confidence in myself. Within football I have moved from a centre back that could do nothing but boot the ball, to a midfielder that is more confident in his passing and footballing ability as a whole. Wes Robb is a great teacher, that is easily the best I have ever been taught by. In a footballing career with many coaches, I can say , without a doubt in my mind, that Wes is the best I have ever had.

Spiros Karvela

Wes Robb is an outstanding soccer coach. He coached my daughter during the 2016/17 close season. Wes recognises the differing abilities and qualities in players and works with them to improve their skill, fitness, confidence, and intelligence for the game. We has played and coached soccer at an Elite level overseas and he is particularly good at working with kids with a natural flair for the game. I recommend Wes as a coach without hesitation. 5/5

Jeff Crosbie

Wes has been my coach for three years and has helped me became the player. I am today. All parts of my game have improved both physically and mentally and my understanding of football as completely changed.

Harry Durand

I have known Wes Robb since 2014. Wes joined Oakleigh Cannon FC approx 4 years ago. He started out by coaching our little community U11’s and soon after spear headed our Elite SAP (Skill Acquisition Program) as SAP Head Coach. He then coached our U12’s, U13’s and currently coaches our U14’s. He has been in our system ever since. He is a well-mannered person with tons of skills and knowledge of the game.

It is with great pleasure to have been asked to write a reference for Wes. Wes as a whole has been a “role model coach” for all of us at our club. Always willing to help, nothing too hard to do, I call these people “A-Z” people. Once they take on a job they see it out from start to finish. They never complain and they are successful. The job gets done the proper way. There is so much to say about Wes. He currently holds a FFA Coaching licence ‘B’ and has taken on the role of “head coach” of the NPLV U14’s in 2017.

He is a prize catch that I am certain the skies the limit for him. I have no hesitations at all recommending Wes; he is a great listener and a loyal person. I know he will sponge all the information and be a great asset to any school or company.

John "Kokki" Kostopoulos