MSA Philosophy


Realise The Dream

What We Deliver

Melbourne Soccer Academy’s Philosophy is to educate and develop young players with “ball manipulation”.   Our priority is to install key fundamentals from an early age in order to develop technical ability which is essential as the player progresses through our academy and throughout their soccer pathway.

Tricks and flicks at the beginning of a players learning does nothing for developing them with the core essentials.   Our academy is based on a “European Playing Style Philosophy”. European coaching is very much focused on players from a very early age getting as many touches of the ball in each session as possible.

A famous Dutch Coach estimates that a player should touch the ball at least 10,000 times a day and uses the analogy of Money in a piggybank – a tangible investment.  This helps to develop a confident player that can manipulate the ball, which is a fundamental technic‍‍‍al skill.

How we achieve‍‍‍ our goals

Each of our programs have a structured development plan that encompass all of the ingredients that are required to produce technical, agile, mobile , conditioned and co-ordinated young players. The vision is for the player to ultimately be the balls master.

“Football is a simple game based on the giving and taking of passes, of controlling the ball and of making yourself available to receive a pass. It is terribly simple.”

Our Objectives

The objectives of the academy is to develop a technical player, with good agility, mobility and conditioning.We also place great importance on the player gaining personal confidence, building friendships and promoting fair play.Our aim is that each player will be comfortable when they move into a team environment.Melbourne Soccer Academy’s Mission Statement ensures that all of our programs and courses incorporate all of these core essentials.

"What w‍‍‍e fo‍‍‍cus on"

  • Educating players to pass the ball with different parts of their feet.
  • Instep, laces, outs‍‍‍ide feet.
  • Dribbling and moving with th‍‍‍e ball
  • Practicing turns with both feet, inside and outside with the ball
  • Passing, striking, chipping, curling and swerving. All with the ball
  • Challenge the player with fun exercises and drills.
  • Juggling with the ball
  • One v One with the ball