Who Are We


Founder & Technical Coach

Hi, I am Wesley Robb, Owner and Technical Director at Melbourne Soccer Academy. (UEFA B, ASCA, Coerver Diploma, Skill Acquisition Program Acreditied Coach FFV).  
Soccer and coaching & developing young players is my passion and I am proud to have developed the philosophy behind Melbourne Soccer Academy to a standard of excellence that I believe will fundamentally develop and improve all young budding soccer players.

The Practice – Play – Develop model is one that I whole-heartedly believe is essential for all young players to excel. While competition and winning is always something players will be exposed to, it is critical that the early stages of development focus on practicing and playing with a learning focus in an encouraging environment.

”Mistakes are proof th‍‍‍at you are trying.” - Emma Rob‍‍‍b, Age 6

Soccer has been a part of my life since I was 5 years of age. I was the kid that was never without a ball at his feet and spent many hours developing my own skills against the walls and on the streets back in Dublin.  Later on I was selected to play with a team in Dublin called Belvedere Youth Team, which is a renowned feeder club for Premier League teams in England.  

"The more you learn, the more you ‍‍‍fi‍‍‍nd you don’t know”

More about my journey

I was subsequently selected to be part of the Youth Squad at Aston Villa FC in the England. This was an experience that I will never forget, tra‍‍‍ining under and in the vicinity of some very experienced coaches, some of which included Billy Mc Neill – first British Captain to lift the Eurpoean Cup , Graham Taylor – who went on to manage England National Team. While each coach had a unique style, their underlying fundamental values were the same. You never stop learning. Practicing and constant developing of your skill is non-negotiable.

This led me to play at Premier League Level in Ireland and of the privilege to play at International Level for the Republic of Ireland up to Youth Level, playing against some world class players. These experiences have played a huge part in shaping my own personal coaching philosophies which I have implemented over the last 17 years of coaching and developing young players.

I have had the honour of watching them progress to standards of excellence and playing at Professional Levels internationally.
What makes Melbourne Soccer Academy unique is my personal ability to relate to young soccer players with big aspirations, which has developed the model Practice – Play -Develop. I ensure that our Coaches and Programs here at MSA follow this philosophy continuously.